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We work alongside trained and passionate professionals to help improve fitness, form & well-being. From osteopathy to nutrition and swimming, we provide bespoke analysis of your form that compliments any training plan. Our team of specialists are here to advise on physiology and how your body can work better for you.


Our osteopath provides specialist treatment for cycling and running issues. These sessions are booked directly with Sarah and she arranges an initial assessment at the performance centre. Following this, she provides a treatment plan including self-directed exercises that compliments your training in consultation with the coaching team. In this process, the client is central but there’s no need for you to be the go-between!

Sports Injury - Physiotherapy Referrals

We have a long-standing relationship with the Crystal Palace Sports Injury Clinic and, as such, can refer our clients directly. Paul Mill liaises with the clinic staff to ensure good communication between your coach and physiotherapist for any on-going treatment.

  • Direct referrals for diagnosis
  • Joined up rehabilitation

Strength & Conditioning

We run one-to-one strength and conditioning sessions for cyclists at the National Sports Centre at Crystal Palace. Cross training, especially during the winter months, addresses any biomechanical niggles you might have as well as focusing on key muscle groups associated with riding.

  • Also beneficial for swimming and running – just let our coach know you’re a triathlete!
  • Contact us for further details

Swim Video Analysis

During this 60-minute session we look at your individual swim style/technique from a variety of different angles (above/side/below/front) using a HD waterproof camera followed by poolside feedback where you will be able to see the recorded footage. You then return to the pool with a headset to practice drills for stroke correction and a second video recording. These recordings are sent to you to review at your leisure.

  • Sessions at local pools in SE London
  • Specialist triathlon coach who works with clubs and individuals



Run Video Analysis

During this 60-minute session at a running track we analyse your individual running style/ technique from the front, back and side and at a number of different speeds. This is followed up with feedback whilst we examine the footage recorded. From this you will be instructed in specific drills, stretches and strength exercises – where possible, you will be recorded doing these correction activities so you can view them in your own time.

  • Sessions at the National Sports Stadium track at Crystal Palace
  • Coached by a specialist in triathlon (clubs and individuals)



Brick Sessions

A great opportunity to test your fuel plan which is important especially on longer distances and to train your legs to perform through fatigue with good form and less chance of injury. These are race specific training sessions which will help you develop a faster transition and mentally prepare for the event.

  • With triathlon coach who is experienced in club training sessions


£12 including turbo & track hire

Nutrition Analysis

We conduct dietary analysis and specify what is required to help you achieve your desired goals. We then create a bespoke nutrition plan and provide you with the tools and education to help you take the first steps towards success. For any plan to work it has to be based around you, your likes, avoid your dislikes and fit in with your lifestyle.


£12 per seminar, per person