elitecycling | Bike Fitting
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Vital adjustments.

We can also build you a new bike that meets your specification. We work out the best combination with you, build the bike and then fit you to it. And we’re here for any further adjustments.


Bike Fitting

If you are having issues or niggles with your bike fit (or want to avoid them!) we use Dialled in Motion software with over 15 years of experience, to help you become more efficient, aerodynamic and comfortable on your bike. In addition to the full bike fit we can provide footbed analysis, cleat and saddle fitting services. We may also suggest referral to the Sport Injury Clinic at the centre, with whom we’ve built a long and trusted relationship in treating our clients.

  • Guaranteed – we won’t try to sell you a new bike
  • Our goal is to make your riding as enjoyable as possible
  • Video analysis coming soon

£100 Standard fitting without video analysis

£160 Standard fitting with video analysis

£200 Inclusive of power and heart rate for TT


Bike Building & Servicing

We build your dream bike for you. Whether it’s for triathlon, track, road, time trial or commuting, we offer expert advice in choosing your frame, wheels and components, to draw up a complete specification that matches your requirements. If you go ahead with the order, this service is free. Our mechanic builds the bike and you are fitted to it at the performance centre. All bikes come with their own service record and any further adjustments to fitting are included in the price. We have excellent relationships with a number of high-end brands (and know our reps by name!)

  • A build and fit package – and the fit is free!
  • Advice on accessories included
  • Bespoke wheels built locally by Pete Owen
  • We also service bikes in 3 price categories:

£50 Basic

£100 Standard

£150 Full Works

£15 Bike Cleaning

 £25 Software Upgrades for Shimano D12 & Campagnolo EPS*

*works with Dura-Ace 9070 Di2 (not analogue Dura-Ace 7900)


Bike Sales

We deal with Campag Pro, Argon, Oakley, Fulcrum and several other leading manufacturers and brands to provide quality products on sale at the performance centre. Pop by for a coffee, browse our products and try on the distinctive elitecycling kit.