elitecycling | Fitness Testing
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Data that motivates your body to new physical limits and performances. Our fitness tests provide the benchmarks that inform your training and progress. Whether it’s weight loss, faster times, more efficient efforts or increased endurance, we have specialist equipment and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Blood Lactate Testing


Lactate is a metabolic bi-product produced during the breakdown of carbohydrates. As exercise intensity increases, so does anaerobic metabolism and levels of lactate. Your ‘lactate threshold’ is when you reach the point where lactate removal no longer exceed lactate production – and it is this threshold point that provides the best indicator of endurance performance. Lactate testing is the most accurate way of setting training intensities and tracing changes in aerobic fitness, allowing you to train smarter. We test you using a Wattbike to measure power, heart rate, rate of perceived exhaustion (RPE) and blood lactate (via a pinprick earlobe sample).

  • Full test report data and analysis
  • Personalised heart rate zones
  • Advice on how best to use the data in your training


Functional Threshold Power Test


Whilst not as accurate as a blood lactate test, the FTP test provides an easily accessible way of testing for personal training zones that are linked to our online Training Peaks plans and Trainer Road sessions. This makes the test a key indicator of performance for you and your coach. Using your own bike set up on our turbo trainer in the performance centre, you are guided through a 20-minute time trial, working as hard as you can for the whole period. Your FTP is calculated using a formula based on both and heart rate data recorded at intervals.

  • FTP results are fed into training plans
  • Regular testing is a great motivator
  • Included in One-to-One coaching package


Peak Power Test


Power is one of the most reliable sources of data for your training and setting efforts for training zones. We test for peak performance under controlled conditions along with a pedal efficiency test. This provides us with data on peak force and power with deterioration in effort intensity on both sides of the body – left and right. Using the ‘Wingate test’ we record the average power in 5-second intervals as well as a 3 minute-aerobic capacity test.

  • A copy and analysis of the data
  • Recommendations for changes to your training plan


Body Composition


Body composition refers primarily to the distribution of muscle and fat in your body or your power-to-weight ratio. If your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle mass we use the ‘skinfold’ method to assess body composition. At 9 different points on your body, a sports scientist uses callipers to measure skinfold as well taking data on height, weight, girth and breadth.

  • Results presented in an easy to understand report
  • Full breakdown of the individual measurements
  • Overall percentage of body fat



A Happy Client

Richard Tully

Time Trialist

Club Rider

Loves a PB

An FPT means sweat, concentration and effort for 20 minutes. The mat always needs a mop after! My FPT started at around 270 watts in 2012 when I started my coaching with elitecycling following a referral from the Sports Injury Clinic. Since then it’s increased each year and I’m now around 100 watts more powerful! Not only that, my confidence has grown and I regularly beat my personal bests in time trials ranging from 10 to 100 miles. Each time I’m tested, I look for improvement and analyse my results with Paul to plan upcoming time trials. On club rides they call me ‘the machine’ as I can hold a pace over set distances, giving others a wheel to follow. This makes me feel proud and it’s great to see how far I’ve come through the FPT benchmarks.