BioRacer - elitecycling
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Create your own virtual wind tunnel by placing our Bioracer Aero webcam in front of your training rollers. Whilst training, you will receive live feedback on your aerodynamic posture. You can track your optimal aerodynamic position and train it. Go faster…


By measuring your frontal surface, whilst training on a roller system, the amount of watt that you have to pedal to maintain a certain (hypothetical) speed in that specific position is calculated. You will get real time information on these parameters (frontal surface and power), as these parameters are adjusted instantly, when you change your position on the bike.

Therefore, this easy-to-use, plug-and-play device is the perfect tool to not only find the most optimal aerodynamic position on the bike, but also to train this specific position.

The system consists of a webcam and a tripod, to position the webcam in front of the cyclist. Moreover, the green key, a large green banner that has to be placed behind the cyclist to make the background smooth and uniform, is also included, as well as a tripod system to install the green key. An installation sheet will inform you about your unique personal login details that will give access to the Bioracer Aero software.


The software allows you to easily setup the background and crop out any unwanted areas. You will get live feedback on your aerodynamic posture and find the posture that works best for you. You can create a report of that analysis for later use. Once you find your optimal posture, you can use our training module to help you hold that posture for a long time. After the training session, you get a report of how well you did.



Because every second counts…

Once the most optimal aerodynamic position of the cyclist is determined, it is important that a rider learns to stay in that position as long as possible. To give you an idea, lowering your frontal area with 0.05m² (piece of cake with the software) for 10s in a 40km race (at 40km/h) will make you go 1 second faster …. meaning winning or losing!  With the new feature of the Bioracer Aero you can now train your aerodynamic position while training on your roling system. Not only will you be able to improve your (shoulder) flexibility and capacity to produce maximal power while cycling in your aeroposition, you will also train muscle memory.  This enhanced muscle memory will help you take your aerodynamic position much more naturally. Put the webcam and your laptop in front of you before you start your training. Determine the position that you want to train and the duration of your training and get started. During your training, the contour fitting technology will give you livestream visual feedback on your current position compared to the optimal position. Moreover, a graph will update you during the training on the amount of time you stayed in your optimal position. You can even choose your own training zones which will be shown in the graph as well. Once you finished your training, the report will provide you detailed aerodynamics results on your training session.