elitecycling to start Junior boys team for 2020 - elitecycling
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elitecycling to start Junior boys team for 2020

I have spent many years wondering how i can help the next generation of upcoming cyclists hence my involvement in Team Wiggins in 2018. After wanting to start my own development team i started to ask around for sponsorship and pleased we have a small secure budget for 2020 to at least move things forward. Of course we are looking to bring in more but at least we have the ability to start. The program will give opportunities for 6 southern based riders to ride the complete National road series plus trips to Belgium and Spain. We wanted local riders so we can meet regularly and train as a group and grow as a team. Kit and race entries to designated races will be provided and our sole aim is to teach the young lads the way to become professional on and off the bike. If you wish to be part f the journey please call us either as a rider or sponsor 08455677788.